As a business, we pride ourselves on our active social responsibility focus. We support a number of charities and upliftment programmes. An example of this is as follows:

13th December 2016 - Christmas donation of food, clothes, toys and food to a township family in need

Victoria Drive (Schoenmakerskop Road)    PO Box 5395, Walmer 6065
Telephone 041 366 1660/1    Fax 086 518 8129
NPO No 003-538   VAT Reg No 4250130434

Date: 09-06-2015
Dear: On Line Personnel Staff & Advit Animal Nutritian
Speaking on behalf of all our animals and staff, we wish to thank you sincerely for your recent donation.
Donations such as yours are most welcome, and will be put to excellent use as we continue to look after the many deserving animals in our care.
Thank you! – It is because of such generosity that we are able to continue the work that we do.
Hoping to see you at AWS again soon.
Kind regards,
Hannes Stander

Friday 29th May, ON LINE PERSONNEL and ADVIT ANIMAL NUTRITION ran a joint Winter Woolie Animal Welfare Donation Drive.  Advit Animal Nutrition donated 100kg of Dog Food and On Line Personnel staff, donated blankets, dog food, cat food, animal toys along with other items.

Dear Claire,
I promised to send you a few pictures depicting residents celebrating 150 years of the Sanctuary's existence. The dress theme was "Victorian".
Thanks in no small measure to your contribution, the event was a resounding success! All 53 retirees join me in thanking you for your generous support, Claire, and for helping them creating memories that will long be remembered.
May you be blessed in equal measure.
Most gratefully yours,
Dalene Howard
Resource Facilitator
The PE Ladies Benevolent Society (The Sanctuary)

National Athletics fund, which goes towards sending cerebral palsied and disabled learners to the national games.

Donated towards the "wall heater" project the the Sanctuary Old Age Home, contributing in order for elderly and aged people to have heaters in the rooms.

A selected few Lipizzaners were rescued from war torn Austria and brought to South Africa.  Over the years the South African Lipizzaners have become an integral part of South Africa's cultural heritage, with fewer than 3 000 pure bred Lipizzaners worldwide, this rare breed has come very close and been threatened with extinction.
On Line Personnel can proudly boast contributing and investing in this rare and extremely important heritage, by looking after one of these magnificent creatures, namely, Hotagte Conversano Napoleon.

We support the Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities (APD) and contribute towards the social services of the impoverished areas, ensuring that people with disabilities have the required care within the community as well as the APD Day Care Centre for children with physical disabilities.

We support the Animal Welfare.

We support Save the Rhino initiative, Challenge 4A Cause.

Santa Shoebox Project for under privileged children.

We support the Eastern Province under 14 Hockey Team (Boys)

SOS Childrens Village HAPPY FEET campaign 2012 / 2013


Hi Claire
Many thanks for your wonderful donation to Save-a-Pet.
Warm regards
Nadia Damseaux

Animal Welfare Donation - October 2014:

From Animal Welfare Society, Port Elizabeth - 27th October 2014:

Date: 26-10-2014
NAME: Claire, Nicky & Demi
On behalf of all the animals and staff at the animal Welfare Society in Port Elizabeth, we wish to thank you very much for your donation.
These donations are very much appreciated and will be put to excellent use as we continue to look after the animals in our care and find them their forever homes.
Many thanks again. It is because of such generosity that we can continue to do the work we do.
We look forward to seeing you at the shelter soon.
Kind regards
Hannes (Manager)
On behalf of The Animal Welfare Society PE
Tel: 041 366 1660/1
Fax: 086 518 8 8129

Supporting of P.E.A.R (Port Elizabeth Animal Rescue)