On Line Personnel  understands the nature of the workplace. Companies and organisations staff their business in order to achieve a productive solution. We are aware that the nature of the workplace is forever changing and with it comes the need to adjust the way Companies and organisations staff their business to achieve the most productive solution. Skills are what give the Companies the competitive edge and what drives a company forward. We are committed to promoting and nurturing candidates from all walks of life, in order to ensure that valuable talents and resources are harnassed. On Line Personnel  is committed to ensuring that the dictates of Employment Equity are adhered to at all times, and has been a long standing member of APSO, the body which governs our industry.

We recruit in the following areas:

  • Executive Management / Board¬†Appointments (Owner handles)
  • Financial Management / Accounting / CA's / Auditing / Banking
  • Financial Support i.e. Debtors, Creditors, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Administration
  • Human Resources / Industrial Relations / Training
  • Information Technology and Electronics
  • Laboratory
  • Sales / Marketing / Public Relations / Customer Service
  • Secretarial / P.A. / Office Co-ordination / Reception
  • Mining (Owner handles)
  • Medical i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Assessors
  • Legal Staff
  • Engineering (Mining, Electrical, Industrial, Chemical, Metallurgy, Civil, Building)
  • Procurement / Supply Chain
  • Quality, Safety, Environmental
  • Production, Warehousing
  • Trade Tested Artisans

In addition to this Online Personnel has a dedicated "Headhunting / Search" division to address scarce skills and also recruits top Executive and Equity positions.