On Line Personnel actively recruits for an "Elite" client base, on a National level, sourcing from an impressive database of thoroughly screened and vetted candidates from all corners of the country. Our client base has been carefully identified in order for us to be in a position whereby we can partner with "Captains of Industry" and add value to their "intellectual capital".

Our services and expertise covers both Permanent and Contractual placements, from Junior through to Executive Management positions, crisscrossing all sectors of industry.

The Benefits of Utilizing Our Services:

  • Partnering with our clients in their investment into Intellectual Capital.
  • Extensive Consulting portfolio and market research.
  • A 'Specialist Team' who are experienced in 'tailoring' solutions to meet client requirements.
  • A contribution to building onto and improving your 'Employer' brand.
  • Build a mutually beneficial, ethical, open and honest relationship with our clients, becoming an extension of your HR department.
  • Cost effective recruitment solutions.
  • Flexibility and access to diverse skills and talents.
  • A proven ability to source 'SCARCE' skills.
  • Dedicated 'Head Hunting' and 'Executive' search divisions. As a policy we do NOT headhunt/search from companies whom we recruit for and who we are fully committed to, ensuring the highest levels of business integrity are adhered to.
  • Dedicated and focused 'Equity' Division , with a National database, geared for seeking out and identifying South Africa's top equity talent, with the very specialised skill sets required and sought by Companies and Organisations, from within our borders.